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The customer journey begins at your e-commerce website with Shopcall Call-To-Action.

How it works

With no installation or need for authentication, customers simply click the video call button. Your Shopcall App will ring and you can start the conversation.

Exhibit products in a live setting.

Answer the video calls on your smartphone using Shopcall App and helps customers to find the products they are seeking by showcasing and compare the products and its features during live videos.

Customer co-browsing.

Guides customers through the navigation in your e-shop by co-browsing.

For the ones that prefer chatting to voice and video.

When you share the product images through chat, your customer will be able to add them to the cart independently experiencing an advanced and complete shopping experience.

Build the basket of your customers.

Shopcall App lets you interact with the e-commerce catalog. You can search for products, select them by size color or other features and add them to your customer’s cart. All this while on a video call!

Redirect to payment page.

While talking with your customers, you can send them a link to the shopping basket page you just built with them, allowing them to checkout. You can support them at this time too!


  • More purchasing choices and a customized, assistive experience.
  • Optimized purchasing pathways, coherent across every channel
  • Increasing the sales and the conversion rates for your e-commerce channel
  • Creating an organic multi-channel approach through the integration of e-commerce and physical stores.
  • Guaranteeing a unique customer experience to your customers.
  • Up-selling and Cross-selling, Increase the average receipts
  • Brand engagement


  • The Shopcall Assistant plugins are available for the major e-commerce platforms.
  • Integrating Shopcall with your e-commerce is a breeze!
  • The Shopcall Assistant plugins are available for the major e-commerce platforms.
  • Integrating Shopcall with your e-commerce is a breeze!


For both businesses and individual sellers

Launch prices is up to 66% off. Apply for video-commerce platform to access new sales channel Phygital world!

Hey Merchants, SMEs and Individual sellers!

Apply for video-commerce platform including AI based marketing plans with the advantage of 40% off to promote your new Phygital store to consumers!

  1. Shopcall Direct app can be currently registered by the businesses and individual sellers from only Estonia, Italy, Turkey and Australia. But your consumers from all over the world can buy your products or services via Shopcall, because they do not need to download and use any applications.
  2. The localization and penetration for all countries, especially all European and Baltic countries, continue at full speed. Follow us to be informed about the developments instantly!